Costa Del Sol, Somewhere

August 19-23, 2015

Beach in Spain, Somewhere:

We always like some days to relax when we travel. Maybe two or three if we have the time. We read a very well known travel guide, and the guide suggested we spend a couple of days in the white Andalucian town of Nerja. The description made it sound like Nerja was so quaint, quiet and beautiful, a must see. Perhaps off season. I booked a hotel, and convinced my husband this was the town of our dreams, he was skeptical. We should have gone with his instinct. We drove into the town and it was full of drunk and sunburnt non-native tourists. Every other bar was an Irish pub and just trying to drive down the street was a nightmare. Instantly our moods changed and we had to get out. This was not a quaint, quiet town, it was packed and not at all what we had hoped for. We pulled up to our hotel, paid a minor penalty for canceling and left as quickly as we came with no plans for the next few days.

Sevilla, Especial

August 17-19, 2015

August 17-

Sevilla is one of my favorite cities in Spain. I love the vibe, the energy the people.  Maybe it's the warm weather, the food, but whatever it is it's working. I love the beauty of the city itself and couldn't wait to share it with my family. Our hotel was ok, but the room had bunk beds, so the kids went nuts over who would sleep on the top bed. Immediately we put our stuff down and headed out to the Catedral D Sevilla. The line was long, but we waited and it was worth the wait. The kids loved it and were so excited by the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Especially, my daughter who spent the year learning about American history. Made it real for her. After the visit we strolled around a bit went back to the hotel for a rest and dinner. I was on a quest for the best gazpacho. My Gazpacho is the best.