Departure Day

Our road trips are anywhere from an eight to ten hour drive or approximately 500 miles to the final destination. We always make sure the ipads are full of tv shows/movies, the snacks and drinks are ready to go and the suitcases are
packed. Kids have their car ride accoutrement, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, toys ready to go. We are ready for the adventure.


Getting Around the Worry:

We have been traveling with our kids since they were infants, which--in retrospect--was probably the easiest time to travel with them. Whether traveling with one or three, flying with kids can pose a challenge at any age.  Babies may scream for two hours straight, toddlers are not going to put up with staying seated for an unspecified amount of time, and 'tweens will blame you for the boredom. We worry about the amount of stuff we need to bring, their behavior and the reaction of our fellow passengers. The stress begins the moment you pack the car up and the arguments are sure to follow. Then of course come the lines. The line to check in the line for security, it's a long process sure to make any child a bit cranky.

What Has Worked for Us May Work for You:

Give Yourself Time:

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Lines can be unpredictable and sometimes security can take longer then anticipated. If you have time after security, stock up on drinks and snacks, then find a less crowded area to spread out. Let your kids run around. They are about to be stuck, strapped into a seat for two to ten hours, so let them get their energy out. Most travelers will think it's cute to see them running around in the airport as opposed to having too much energy on the plane. You may not need 12 hours like my husband thinks necessary, but do leave a buffer of time.


Ambergris Caye

December 25-30, 2017

Today we headed to the islands off the mainland of Belize.  I was excited for clear water, snorkeling, fishing and island discovery, but a big part of me was sad to leave the interior of Belize and especially the hotel. The hospitality was so nice and the hotel just had such relaxed ambiance, it made it hard to leave. Our transfer to the airport wasn't until 10am so the kids

San Ignacio Airport
ran to the animals for one last cuddle and the rest of us went for a hike on the trails across the street from the hotel. The hike was a bit more difficult then I expected as it had rained and it was muddy and slippery, but nice to be surrounded by jungle.


December 27, 2014

We left this morning from Alajuela region and headed east towards Limon, the Caribbean coast. I had always been told that this part of Costa Rica was not the safest and if traveling alone, to not head to the Caribbean side of the country. After what seemed like endless hours on the bus, we came to an area where we were met by an armed convoy to escort us the rest of our way. Like I said, not the safest area to travel if you are traveling alone. When we finally reached our destination we were all transferred to boats with an armed guard, that would take us on our next leg of the journey.


San Ignacaio, Belize

December 23, 2017:

We all loaded into a van headed to Belize today. I was sad to have to say goodbye to Guatemala, as the visit was so short and there is so much more I wanted to show my family. We had a driver and a guide. Our guide spoke fluent English, and was very passionate about his country and history. He told us all about his mother, her passion for cooking, helping her open a small restaurant in Peten and how he grew up in the kitchen gaining an appreciation for local food. He told us about the Guatemalans who were moved to the area of Flores/Peten from the south and given land to turn into farms. We also  discussed the civil war. Guatemalans have never made any sort of amends after the war, they just changed the name of their guardia civil, and moved on as if nothing happened.  There was never any closure and it is still felt among the civilians.